Cloud service is a new paradigm of distributed and remote processing and storage of data. In this article, more about Intralinks Data Room for business needs.

Cloud technologies in business processes

Modern conditions of globalization, accelerated data exchange, the emergence of new and regular updates of existing technologies and products in all areas of activity allows us to speak about the level of information processing as an important factor in the qualitative development of almost any economic system at the macro or micro level. The sphere and application of information technologies in the economy have taken on a new round of development with the emergence and active promotion of “cloud” technologies.

Data Room software is economically beneficial for organizations, as it allows them to reduce costs, free up funds for their use in other areas of activity. The main advantages of cloud technologies for implementation in an organization are:

  • Your data is always available to customers, regardless of their location, but may depend on your Internet channel.
  • Economic viability. Placing data “in the clouds” is significantly cheaper than standard storage.
  • Data loss protection. All backup and data integrity procedures are performed by the cloud service provider who does not involve the customer in the process.
  • Achieving process transparency. The system provides a high degree of availability and reliability of process data, which is achieved through the use of specialized analytical tools and continuous collection of all necessary information. This approach allows you to identify possible weaknesses in the process and eliminate problems before they begin to affect the company’s business.
  • Scalability and integration of the solution. When implementing the system, a common corporate information infrastructure is created.

The Data Room should ensure that after the transaction is completed, all changes made to it will be securely stored in the database (without the need to perform another transaction to avoid errors that occurred during the previous transaction). If for some reason the transaction is not completed, all changes made by it must be canceled. The transaction mechanism must be applied to all database operations.

Intralinks – the leader among Data Room providers

It must be admitted that cloud computing technologies have tremendous potential because all modern computer products are constantly increasing their requirements for the technical equipment of the user’s computer, which inevitably leads to significant costs for modernization.

Today, there are quite a large number of Data Room providers for business solutions in the cloud technology market. Intralinks is a leading cloud storage provider, allowing users to store their data on servers in the cloud and share it with others online. It is based on data synchronization.

The development of the hosting industry has been driven by the emerging need for software and digital services that can be managed internally, but which are more cost-effective and efficient at the cost of economies of scale.

Intralinks allow the user to store files on remote servers using a client or a web interface through a browser. While the main focus of the technology is on syncing and sharing information, Dropbox stores download history so that data can be recovered after files are deleted from the server. It also keeps a history of changes to files for the last 30 days, in addition to the “Pack-Rat” function, a permanent history of file changes is available.

This solution is a kind of technological response to the growing demand for a flexible business environment, which is not burdened by the accumulation of isolated and unrelated applications.