Data Room desktop and application virtualization combined with content collaboration provides end-users with a complete digital workspace that meets their needs.

Business information management via Data Room software

In the rapidly changing world of IT, old concepts are quickly losing their former clarity and today the answers to such questions as what should be saved, what should be understood as a reservation, whose information should be protected, etc. are no longer obvious. And in the conditions of BYOD, clouds, and Big Data, traditional tools are already failing, for example, if you need to synchronize data on different devices. How to build the optimal combination of new and existing business continuity tools?

What might the average company need with a sharp increase in the load on the resources that it provides to its users, both internal and external? Of course, to increase the capacity of these resources, however, using traditional methods (buying servers, data storage systems, and deploying additional services), the task will be solved for an impermissibly long time. In turn, new approaches in the form of transferring computing resources to the clouds are not as easy to implement as it seems at first glance.

Today, great interest is shown in technologies for ensuring guaranteed access to information assets; business continuity; user mobility. And here a balanced approach to the solution is important – after all, in addition to the information with which users work, it needs to be provided with computing resources. Thus, Virtual Data Rooms based on the cloud are in demand.

Citrix is a digital workplace platform that gives employees everything they need to be productive in a single, unified way while giving IT departments the ease of management, and control security. Citrix Systems is a remote access solution for corporate resources, is now active in the cloud services and networking areas, offering products such as Citrix ShareFile and Citrix CloudBridge to help address business continuity and information security challenges.

Citrix ShareFile Environment

Citrix ShareFile is a SaaS solution, and some of the information is always stored in the clouds (it is up to the consumer to determine which part it is and in which cloud it should be stored). It is a secure enterprise file synchronization and sharing solution that supports hybrid architectures.

 Formally, the solution has three components:

  • the client,
  • the control panel,
  • the data store.

The panel stores information about user accounts, files, and directories, it controls access and provides reports on the work. The files are stored in a repository with which the client communicates through the control panel, but user data never ends up at the control panel site. In addition to synchronizing documents between various user devices, this approach allows you to work with documents offline, if necessary, send your colleagues a link to the document they need.

New features of Citrix ShareFile (analogous to the well-known service DropBox) allow you to control and synchronize corporate data and securely exchange files, integrate this product with corporate applications through the API. In a year and a half since the release of the ShareFile product, 18,000 corporate customers have already started using it.

It is not easy for users and customers to navigate the extensive Citrix product portfolio. Simplify your choice with Citrix Workspace Suite – a single solution to support your corporate and personal devices.